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Accreditation certificate ЭЛ №ФС77-71415 on Oktober, 17, 2017.

ISSN-online 2587-8778

Founder and publisher of a series: Federal public autonomous educational institution of higher education “Northeast federal university of M. K. Ammosov”.
In a series “Economy. Sociology. Cultural science” the scientific reviewed magazine “Bulletin of Northeast federal university of M. K. Ammosov” articles corresponding to the Nomenclature of scientific specialties on which academic degrees are awarded are accepted:
Economic sciences:
08.00.05 Economy and management of the national economy (on branches and fields of activity, including: economy, organization and management of the enterprises, branches, complexes; management of innovations; regional economy; logistics; work economy; economy of the population and demography; environmental management economy; business economy; marketing; management; pricing; economic security; standardization and product quality control; land management; recreation and tourism)
08.00.10 “Finance, monetary circulation and credit”
Sociological sciences:
22.00.03 “Economic sociology and demography”
22.00.04 “Social structure, social institutes and processes”
Cultural science:
24.00.01 “Theory and cultural history”
Concept of a series: scientific problems of East Arctic, North, Northeast of Russia.